Free tools to quickly show postcode data on a map

In my role as the performance analyst for the Digital Marketplace I often need to show the locations of suppliers and buyers.

In this post, I want to share some free tools that I use to convert postcode data into useful maps. My example shows sample data of football stadiums in Great Britain.

Mapping Sheets

This Google Sheets add-on allows me to  plot postcodes onto a Google Map. When I put the data into a Google Sheet and select the relevant columns, I can create a map with pins to show the locations of the football stadiums.

These are the columns selected for the sample data:

Building the map from Google Sheets
Building the map from a Google Sheet

From this, I can generate this map:

Google Map with all the data plotted
Google Map with all the locations plotted

The ability to filter the data and click on pins to open up more information is a useful feature.

Filtered Google Map
Filtered Google Map


I use Mapsdata when I want to show concentrations of locations and have less than 1,000 postcodes. The data needs to be uploaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

This is an example of the clustering feature. The marks show how many stadiums there are in the area. Controls on the left allow the geographical distances to be adjusted.

Mapsdata clustering feature
Mapsdata clustering feature

When I have large numbers of postcodes I find the Mapsdata heatmapping feature really useful.. This shows the same data as a heatmap.

Mapsdata heatmap feature
Mapsdata heatmap feature

Mapsdata also has a feature that allows me to show bubbles based on a particular column’s values. Here I’ve set the tool to show the size of bubble as the capacity of each of the stadiums.

Mapsdata bubble feature
Mapsdata bubble feature

Mapsdata also provides several useful tools to convert data such as postcodes to longitudes and latitudes.

Over to you

We’ll keep experimenting with different tools and will continue to share our experiences. If you use any free tools for mapping postcodes we’d love to hear about it in the comments section.

Ashraf Chohan is a senior performance analyst in GDS.


  1. @ninokhariyani

    Thank you for sharing the experience. I would love to try one in my country.

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  2. Amy Finch

    Thanks for sharing this! Is it possible to upload a base map to the tool, e.g. showing local authority boundaries, and then postcode data on top? We would like to see where certain data points fall in terms of LAs and regions. Thanks!

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